Transparent & Translucent Digital

Our translucent self-adhesive vinyl is material that allows some light to pass through it, but diffuses it so that objects behind the material are not clearly visible. It is often used for window graphics or more commonly  backlit signs. Translucent vinyl can also be to as frosted or etched vinyl, and is often used to create privacy on glass surfaces.
Transparent self-adhesive vinyl, on the other hand, allows light to pass through it without diffusing it, and objects behind the material can be clearly seen. This is often used for window graphics, decals, or graphics that need to be applied directly to a surface.
Both our translucent and transparent self-adhesive vinyl are versatile materials that can be used for a variety of applications, including the most common applications like advertising, branding and decoration, and can be printed with a wide range of designs and colors to meet different needs.

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