Oralite 5400 and 5650RA are both retroreflective digital films for applications that require high visibility in low-light conditions.
Oralite 5400 is a an engineer-grade retroreflective film. It is a durable, enclosed-lens, pressure-sensitive adhesive product that offers excellent reflectivity and long-term outdoor durability. It is designed for use on flat or slightly curved surfaces and can be used for traffic control signs and work zone devices.
Oralite 5650RA, on the other hand, is a high-intensity grade retroreflective film. It offers greater reflectivity than Oralite 5400 and is designed for use on a wider range of substrates, including corrugated surfaces and rivets. It is also more conformable, which makes it easier to apply on complex curves and surfaces. The Rapid Air(RA) technology allows for a bubble free application and can be removed and replaced without damaging the substrate or leaving adhesive residue. Oralite 5650RA is commonly used for traffic signs, vehicle markings, and other applications that require high visibility in both daytime and nighttime conditions.
Both Oralite 5400 and 5650RA meet the requirements of various industry standards, including ASTM D4956 Type I and Type III, and are available in a range of colors.

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