Our Intermediate self-adhesive vinyl is commonly used for various indoor and outdoor applications, such as signage, banners, decals, and vehicle graphics. It is called "intermediate" because it is a mid-range vinyl material, falling between the Promotional and High Performance vinyl in terms of quality and durability.
This range is are primarily  polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and has adhesive alternatives that allows it to stick to a wide variety of surfaces and is available in a matte or gloss, finish. Intermediate vinyl is also available in different thicknesses and can be used for short to medium-term applications, usually ranging from 3-5 years, depending on the conditions of use and exposure. Often preferred over economy-grade vinyl because it offers better durability and resistance to weathering, fading, and cracking. It is also easier to handle and apply due to its thickness and rigidity, making it more suitable for larger graphics and installations.
Protect with a matching Laminate to protect the digital images and prolong the media life.
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