Galaxy Cap Press GS-501

Galaxy Cap Press GS-501 is perfect for making fashionable and unique caps and taking your creative customization to a new universal level. It is offered with a single sized upper heat platen and lower platen, with 5 different sized lower platens sold separately.  All platens are perfectly moulded to mirror a hat’s curves and are designed to apply heat transfer media's onto cap brims and bills. It is also useful for applying printed logos and back-neck labels onto flat garments. The portable and compact design makes this heat press perfect for use at home or retail shops. 

  • Curved platens, perfectly moulded to mirror the curves of a hat  
  • Interchangeable Platens, offering 5 different sized lower platens (Sold Separately)
  • Over The Center Pressure Distribution for superior evenness and speed of heating.
  • Digital temperature setting for accuracy
  • Solid Structure
Interchangeable Platens  
Curved platens
Digital temperature setting
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