Sustainability - We know you need no introduction to what it is, so we're simply here to tell you that you'll be seeing a lot more of it from us at Cohesive.

We're not going to revolutionize the world in one great step, but keep your eyes out for the little, and some big, changes we make in the coming months and years.
Changes that will slowly add up to us doing our bit to give back, care more for the world and importantly continue to deliver the high quality products and services as we have always done.

It’s simple, we will take control of what we can control to make improvements across our business that are long term and genuine. Continually striving for incremental improvements to become a more sustainable business partner for you.

We want to lead the way in our industry, openly sharing what we do and why, so that we can all make changes for impact.

Together we can do so much more than what we accomplish on our own.

The Social Good Program is an initiative run by us here at Cohesive, designed to give back to organisations who we think do great work in our communities and who we think our customers might like supporting too.

For our customers there's no extra cost or work needed to get involved, all you have to do is look out for our products with the Social Good logo on them (or just ask one of our team members) and you can know that when you buy any of those products part of the profits will be going back to the community!

At the end of each quarter we will be making our donations to these charities and reporting back to you, not only on the impact that these donations have made to the organisations they have gone to or the environments they help, but also specifically on your share of that support and what it has done!

If you have a charity or organisation that you think is doing amazing work in our community, get in touch with us and we'll consider them for our next round of donations!

Below you'll find the products that are a part of the social good program: