ORACAL® Glass Etch

These films are the ideal choice whenever a frosted look is desired or the impression of etched, cut or sandblasted glass is called for. ORACAL® 8810 is available in a hoarfrost effect. ORACAL® 8510 comes in gold and silver, and opens up many possibilities for adding a special touch to shop windows, glass doors and glass-like surfaces. With a permanent solvent polyacrylate adhesive and a durability of up to 7 years, both structures in the 8510 series cover a wide area of application possibilities. ORACAL® 8510RA is particularly suited for large-sized graphics or decals as the RapidAir® technology enables easy and rapid application without air inclusion onto even or slightly curved surfaces. A cost effective visual cover for glass buildings, partitions or glass doors is offered by ORACAL® 8710. 
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