Sustainability is a priority everywhere you go and the New Zealand Sign and Display industry is no exception.


Have you made or thought about making changes to your personal or business life to a more sustainable choices, changes to keep up with the changing sustainability landscape?

Inspired by our industry's motivation to make progress for better, Cohesive has launched the Sustainability Hero's Grant program. Our program designed to support businesses who want to take sustainability action, the program offers grants including cash and resource to support enabling business sustainability plans.

 As the programs and requests will all vary so will the support we offer to applicants.

Regardless of if you’re up and running with sustainability initiatives in your business or you’re just getting started building actions or a program, the Cohesive Sustainability Hero grants are for you.

Applications are open now until Friday 12th August 2022.

Successful Applicants will be announced 31st August 2022.

Apply Now:

Digital Application

Application Form - Cohesive Sustainability Hero Program.docx

Full Details - Cohesive Sustainability Hero Program.docx