You've probably seen it around, it's unavoidable and there's no doubt that costs are increasing on an enormous scale. From the price of cheese to the cost of a house, every day we're all being hit with costs on the rise and there's no sign of them slowing down.

Since the beginning of the year Cohesive has seen an average of 15% increase on costs from all of our suppliers.
While we put out a small 4.5% cost increase in June, we have been absorbing these new increases across the year and you can probably predict what we have to do in the future as a business to continue operating.

However, we are not going to lecture to you on how its getting more expensive to do business, as business owners and managers you know better than anyone. This is simply to let you know Cohesive has had significant increases we haven’t passed on, and we will have to do it soon…. but not now. Now is not the right time for you or our industry.

We pride ourselves on the fact that the way we do business ensures we look out for you, supporting your business whether it be with the products or the information you need. We hope by giving you this early warning you have the time you need to anticipate an increase in the cost of doing business and prepare your customers for changes that may come to cover the cost of your service.