MUTOH ValueJet 2638X Eco-Solvent Printer

The “ValueJet 2638X” Eco-Solvent Printer 

The ValueJet 2638X features dual staggered print heads is a double-CMYK Eco-solvent printer that produces billboard and banner prints with incredible colour and detail at up to 48 m²/h and has a top speed of over 90 m²/h. The VJ-2638X is by far the fastest printer in its class and price range.
The ValueJet-2638X features Production Print Speeds up to 48 m²/h and takes optional one litre ink bags that save on overall ink costs, allowing you to print long run jobs. You can now run your entire billboard, banner and poster production using just this one printer.
Print spectacular images using Mutoh Eco-Ultra inks. Formulated for exceptional durability, Eco-Ultra Ink features excellent scratch resistance under aggressive conditions, which is critical to the production of banners and other graphics. Mutoh's genuine Eco-Ultra Ink provides rich ink density for bright, vivid prints, quicker drying time and minimal odor and fumes. Print durable graphics with Mutoh Eco-Ultra Inks on suitable coated and uncoated media with outdoor durability of up to 3 years.
All ValueJets are built with Mutoh’s Intelligent Interweave (i²) print technique, which lays down ink in a wave pattern, virtually eliminating banding.
The VJ-2638X can be equipped with Mutoh’s SpectroVue VM-10 spectrophotometer for fast, simple and accurate media calibration and colour profiling to keep your output quality consistent.

  • High Quality – 6 pass 720x1080 dpi: 21 m²/h
  • Quality Production – 4 pass 360x720 dpi: 31 m²/h
  • Production – 4 pass 720x720 dpi: 37 m²/h
  • Production – 2 pass 360x720 dpi: 44.0 m²/h
  • Speed Production – 2 pass 360x360 dpi: 53.0 m²/h

The ValueJet 2638X printer offers incredible performance, quality and print speeds that surpass competitor products in the same class. In fact, running the VJ-2638X in High Quality Production mode (6 pass 720x1080 dpi) is faster than many 64" printers on the market running at their fastest, lower quality speeds. So it makes sense that the ValueJet 2638X can replace your other prints and be used for all your production requirements.

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